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The main aim of writing an argumentative essay is to state one’s position regarding a certain issue, as well as to provide reasons why one agrees with that point of view. It is also essential to support it with evidence To write an impressive argumentative essay, one needs to convince a reader to see an issue from one’s perspective. Therefore, an argumentative essay should include a strong topic, a through research study, persuasive arguments and detailed evidence.

An argumentative essay consists of three parts: an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. The length of each of the paragraphs depends on the essay instructions provided by a teacher. A brief thesis statement should be included in the introductory part of an argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay Writing Format And Style

An argumentative essay should be a formal paper the paragraphs of which are logically intertwined. In addition, such piece of writing should be very detailed. In terms of an argumentative essay outline, one should consider the following aspects: engaging a reader in the subject under consideration; explaining the problem in a clear way; presenting different sides of a controversial topic; dwelling upon one’s position in detail, as well as convincing a reader that one’s point of view is the one to believe.

Speaking about argumentative essay topics one may choose to dwell upon in the essay, here are the most popular ones:

  1. Healthcare should be free for everyone.
  2. The legalization of prostitution.
  3. Death penalty should be abolished.
  4. How to address the problem of illegal immigration.
  5. Smoking in public places should be banned.
  6. Euthanasia or the right to die.
  7. Gun control.
  8. Homeschooling.
  9. How to address the problem of bullying in schools.
  10. The use of cellphones as an educational tool.

How To Write An Argumentative Essay Step-By-Step

Here are the steps one should follow when one gets the task of writing an argumentative essay:

  • providing a detailed review of all reading material regarding the subject in question
  • highlighting the main points of an essay
  • writing a thesis statement
  • writing an essay draft
  • writing an introduction
  • writing the paragraphs of the main body
  • writing a conclusion
  • double-checking everything

The task of writing an argumentative essay is time-consuming. Starting to work on this assignment beforehand is always a great idea.

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