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Labor conflicts/strikes in the late 1800s. Essay sample

The late 19th century was marked by unrest in the industries. Despite factories were equipped with  the machinery, it did not make things easier for workers. At that time, nearly 35,000 workers lost their lives in the factories annually. Labor unions were on the rise as they helped workers to unite and go on strikes in considerable numbers. By the beginning of the World War I, millions of immigrants flew to the US dazzled by its industrial success and job opportunities. Many of them later experienced that a fair salary and safe working conditions were not that easy to achieve. … Continue reading “Labor conflicts/strikes in the late 1800s. Essay sample”

Labor unions in the 1800s essay sample

Trade unions have existed in the US since the first colonists arrived in the 1600s. Captain John Smith with his settlers of Jamestown colony expected more craftsmen to come from England. Working people came to Virginia in 1620. At that time, craftsmen wandered from one settlement to another along the Atlantic coast to make more money of their journey. Workers led America to its independence, through their presence at Tea Party in Boston and at the Continental Congress when the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. In the late 18th century, craftsmen sought shorter hours, higher salaries, and better … Continue reading “Labor unions in the 1800s essay sample”

Wealthy industrialists in the late 1800s essay sample

People like Andrew Carnegie, Andrew W. Mellon, John D. Rockefeller, and J.P. Morgan take a special place in the American industrialization. They were the first to establish successful businesses and earn a fortune on it. They created an example for beginners who came to America searching for a lush life in a capitalist society. The wealthiest people of the late 19th century, these industrialists remain controversial personalities in the American history. They are sometimes called captains of industry, and sometimes – robber barons. Having used questionable practices, they kept the competition as low as possible, practically creating monopolies. John D. … Continue reading “Wealthy industrialists in the late 1800s essay sample”

Native American conflicts in the West essay sample

The conflict between the Native American tribes and the colonists was inevitable since Europeans set foot on the New Land. Colonists took natives as the problem that could easily turn into an advantage (cheap workforce, slaves etc.) Indians did not have as advanced tools, weapons, and transport as Europeans did, but still, natives resisted colonists from the very moment of their arrival. Entire settlements were destroyed by tribes that did not appreciate the newcomers. Obviously, Europeans started the great expansion to West, and the conflict over the land and natural resources grew into a war. The Indian Removal Act of … Continue reading “Native American conflicts in the West essay sample”

Transcontinental railroad : what was its impact on westward expansion? Essay sample

The westward expansion started yet as the British colonists had first reached the East Coast. Settlers always tried to move farther to the West to get bigger independence and damp the pressure of the monarchy. The “Manifest Destiny” that appeared in 1845 proclaimed that Americans are morally obliged to free all the Western Hemisphere from European domination and lift less developed societies living in Americas. The discovery of gold in California brought more people to the Pacific coast. The construction of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 completed what Theodore Roosevelt called the “Great Leap Westward”. The railroad connected the Atlantic … Continue reading “Transcontinental railroad : what was its impact on westward expansion? Essay sample”

Women in the Civil War: how did they contribute? Essay sample

The lifestyle of American women was never the same since the Civil War had begun. It was unimaginable for a Victorian-era woman to work as a nurse, volunteer, or fight on a battlefield, but that was exactly what females did in the Civil War. Colonial America has fully adopted the “Cult of a True Womanhood”. Females were supposed to create a clean and comfortable living and please their husbands as they came home from the workplace. But the feminist revolution had already hung in the air, and the Civil War accelerated this process. After the war started in 1861, women joined in … Continue reading “Women in the Civil War: how did they contribute? Essay sample”

The Underground Railroad: what were the methods used? What was the impact? Essay sample

The Underground Railroad was a secret weapon of abolitionists. More than a means of transportation, the Railroad was the organization that helped fugitives in every possible way. It aimed to help more slaves escape to Canada where they would be no longer persecuted by the US law. Slave owners had the right to find their slaves and bring them back, therefore, abolitionists had to be especially careful moving slaves. Many black people tried to escape themselves, but it was much securer to use the service of fellow abolitionists. The Railroad did not imply any particular way out of the country. Abolitionists … Continue reading “The Underground Railroad: what were the methods used? What was the impact? Essay sample”

What was the impact on the tensions leading to the Civil War? Essay sample

In such a large and diverse country as the US, the civil war was inevitable. The Northern and Southern states developed differently and pursued different goals. While the North was an industrialized economy that started hiring immigrants as a cheap workforce, the South tightly clang to its slaves. The agrarian economy of the Southern states held entirely on a huge number of African slaves, and the few landlords who owned them did not want to change the situation. However, abolitionism and arguments between states pushed the conflict to the edge. Discrepancies between the North and the South led to secession, in … Continue reading “What was the impact on the tensions leading to the Civil War? Essay sample”

Abolitionist movement in the United States: who were the key leaders, and what were their contributions? Essay sample

The 19th century saw a clear strive for abolitionism. Slaves were very productive to their owners and all the America, however, they did not quite fit in the notion “the land of the free and brave”. Different people advocated giving freedom to slaves. Some of them took a moderate position calling for a gradual abolition. The others were radical; many of them pushed abolitionism for religious reasons. Abolitionism became clear in churches in the North of the country creating certain hostility between the North and the South. Regional arguments, including the point of slavery, have driven the country to the … Continue reading “Abolitionist movement in the United States: who were the key leaders, and what were their contributions? Essay sample”

African American families? Essay sample

Using labor force is very characteristic for Southern states of the 19th century. The region had enough of fertile soil, and favorable climate turned it into the primary agricultural site in the United States. The lands were huge, and it was actually impossible for the landlords to do without slaves. Without a large number of cheap and unpaid laborers, it would be impossible to achieve such a huge economic growth America saw before the Civil War. It is hard to underestimate the economic impact of slavery on Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Their developing economies were entirely based on production and export … Continue reading “African American families? Essay sample”