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The challenges that nurses face in improving women’s health

    Women’s health nurse practitioners take a wide range of responsibilities. They manage women’s health assessment, screening for problems of reproductive health organs, help patients to cope with hormonal imbalances and related conditions. Family planning services and birth control supplies are also the expertise of women’s health nurses.  Patients obtain preventive care and education that would help them to stay healthy.   Future women’s health nurses must complete a graduate nursing program from the list of the institutions accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Students must be ready to come through 500 hours of clinical practicum in … Continue reading “The challenges that nurses face in improving women’s health”

Why is there a shortage of nurses?

The lack of qualified nurses becomes a new problem in health care, and we cannot deny it. The population is aging and old nurses are gradually retiring. To continue normal functioning, hospitals need much more nurses than they have today, even more than the retiring number. But everyone has different insights into the problem, and the shortage of nurses does not look the same for doctors, students, and medical schools. Patients are the first to suffer from the lack of nurses, but their doctors do not have a good time either. Healthcare experts say there are not enough qualified nurses … Continue reading “Why is there a shortage of nurses?”

What do nurses need to know when handling chronic illnesses?

    Managing a chronic disease is urgent for older adults as well as for younger patients. 80 percent of the elderly have at least one chronic illness developed yet during their active age. Handling these conditions is a challenge not only to health care providers but also to patients themselves. Quick responding to changes happening in one’s body is the key to gaining control over the intrusive symptoms. Chronic illnesses are difficult to eradicate and all the managing comes down to working on the patient’s lifestyle and taking medication when necessary.   The primary task of nurses in addressing … Continue reading “What do nurses need to know when handling chronic illnesses?”

How can nurses help people who are suffering from an age-related illness?

Nurses are the first to respond to the needs of the elderly. While doctors can help an active generation a lot, aged people practically depend on nurses. They can be medical or social workers as well as family members. Age-related diseases often make a person disabled, which means that caregivers shall always be there. Qualified nurses provide a range of medical services that older patients need to be regularly conducted. First, nurses assess the patient’s mental health. About 15 percent of adults above 60 suffer from a mental disorder and defining emotional well-being of older adults is crucial. Nurses may … Continue reading “How can nurses help people who are suffering from an age-related illness?”

Children as a target of marketers

    The research recently conducted in Canada shows that children make a highly valuable social segment for advertisers. It appeared that kids influence eating choices, clothing purchases, and family entertainment options of their adults for more than 95 percent. As most families have a bigger purchasing power and fewer kids now, the advertising to children boomed in the last 20 years. There are a few solid reasons why children are better targets for advertising than their parents. In the first place, kids are more likely to influence the purchase. Many things parents never need they buy because children want … Continue reading “Children as a target of marketers”

Is there value in alternative medicine?

    Despite the controversy regarding the benefits of nontraditional medicine, complementary and alternative practices grow in popularity among patients. An accepted part of healthcare in many countries, homeopathy is famous for the absence of damaging chemical compounds that bring side effects in traditional medicine. Instead, homeopathic pills and solutions are considered “empty” as they contain practically no active substance (usually of a plant origin). For this reason, the UK Department of Health decided to stop paying for homeopathy prescriptions. The efficacy of these remedies is unproven and the effect looks more like a placebo.   Taking into account the … Continue reading “Is there value in alternative medicine?”

Do teachers inflate grades so that students will be passed?

    The gap between the grades achieved in the classroom and the exam result is often confusing to college admission boards and students themselves. In Canada, about a quarter of all students who got passing grades in math from their teachers failed to pass the exam in 2016. Over the last few year, the gap has grown not to the best interest of teachers and students. The situation looks similar at the US and European schools as well.   Educators cannot agree upon why students do not confirm their grades at the exam. To an impartial observer, it looks … Continue reading “Do teachers inflate grades so that students will be passed?”

Managing philanthropic organizations

    Management of charitable foundations is a new concept, and most current leaders came to this field from other areas of management. The efficacy of charities can be reached only when they get maximum profits and make a substantial social impact. Smart charities are all well-managed organizations that do not depend on donations or governmental handouts only. Running a philanthropic foundation, one sets a strong investment policy that complies with taxes and other governmental regulations. The Canadian BoardSource organization that is a global leader in the management of the social sector offers CEOs a range of practices essential for … Continue reading “Managing philanthropic organizations”

Arts management issues in the 21st century

    Arts organization is not a sales company or an advertising firm. It is a very different and specific form of business that requires producing unique and completely stunning masterpieces instead of selling everyday goods and objects. Arts businesses circulate within the current market system. They are influenced by the demand and supply, though this is not a consumers demand. Arts provide inspiration and pleasure but only to those who understand it. We cannot precisely count the risks of a new studio because they may be huge. That is why many middle-sized and small arts organizations struggle across the … Continue reading “Arts management issues in the 21st century”

Why catastrophic organizational failures happen

    Organizational failure threatens managers of young companies beyond limits. According to the Small Business Administration and several other sources, more than a half of start-ups fail in the first five years. In fact, closing is an inevitable stage of a business cycle, just like death for living beings. But no one expects it to come so soon. Many new entrepreneurs nurture the idea of raising a large business and passing it on to their children one day. The life cycle of a business can be large, so saving corporate assets through a wise management is essential.   Organizational … Continue reading “Why catastrophic organizational failures happen”