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The Hollywood Blacklist and its effect on movies and television

  The first thing you need to know regarding this issue is what such notion as the Hollywood Blacklist presupposes. To begin with, this practice was popular in the middle of the 20th century. A lot of actors, directors, screenwriters, musicians and other entertainment professionals had to experience employment denying because of suspected political beliefs. One of such beliefs was that some entertainment professionals had sympathy or even were the members of the Communist Party, for instance. The blacklist was not verifiable or explicit. Yet, it prevented even the possibility of working in the film industry for a lot of … Continue reading “The Hollywood Blacklist and its effect on movies and television”

Human rights

  What are human rights? This is the most important question to answer when you start working on such subject. All people have the same human rights no matter what nationality or ethnicity they are, what their skin color is, what their sexual orientation is or what religion they belong to. Human rights are usually guaranteed by law. It may be international law, some particular laws of a specific country, general principles or in the form of treaties. The problem is that not people are able to exercise their laws due to the fact that some of them live under … Continue reading “Human rights”


  Why do we know about diversity? Why is this issue so important? Diversity is that kind of thing which we are not quite tolerant about. To be more specific, not all people understand why it is important to celebrate the diversity as well as to accept others they way they are. We may have different religious views, have different skin color or sexual orientation. What is more important is what kind of people we are. It is necessary to learn how to accept people and be able to communicate with them even if you do not agree with their … Continue reading “Diversity”


  The first thing to do when you are working on the issue of capitalism is to provide the definition of this term. Thus, capitalism presupposes that private ownership of capital as well as production inputs is the basis for this system of economics. What is more, production of goods and services is done for profit. The market economy is prevailing which presupposes that the production of goods and services is obviously based on supply and demand. As a result, it creates competition between various producers of services and goods. What is necessary to mention is that the participation of … Continue reading “Capitalism”

Media violence

  The main concern regarding violence in the media is that it has a very negative influence on children and teenagers. The problem is that they get used to violence and it becomes something quite ordinary for them. What is more, children may also consider such behavior to be appropriate. Several studies suggest that seeing a lot of violence on TV may lead to behavioral problems. To be more specific, children may grow up to be violent and rude. What is more, they are also likely to have problems with the law in future. Here are a few tips all … Continue reading “Media violence”


  Perhaps, it would be more reasonable to use the word-combination ‘gender equality’ as the term ‘feminism’ has acquired a lot of negative meaning lately. What is necessary to mention in this respect is that feminism itself does not represent anything negative. The problem is that a lot of people believe that fighting for women’s rights presupposes man hating. Feminism has never been about the idea of hating all men. What is more, the possibility of creating matriarchy has never been considered as well. In addition, it is also never going to be so as the main point which feminists … Continue reading “Feminism”

Presentation skills

  Do you ever wonder why some people are great at making presentations while for others it is the most horrible experience of their lives? Well, the first thing to consider in this respect is that some people are born with great skills of public speaking. That is the reason why doing a presentation is so simple for them. For others it may take longer but they get there. Actually, it is possible to get really good at doing presentations. What one needs to do is to put a lot of time and effort in order to achieve the desired … Continue reading “Presentation skills”

Team building

  There is no doubt that effective team building is that kind of thing which every company aspires to. However, it is not that simple to achieve no matter how hard you try or how many techniques you use. Here are a few tips to consider with the help of which you will be able to form a great team. To begin with, you need to create the common goals as your team needs to know what they are trying to achieve. In such a way, all members of your team are going to have a clear vision of what … Continue reading “Team building”

Effective communication

  When you are supposed to deal with the issue of effective communication, the first question which you need to answer is as follows: What is effective communication? Obviously, you will need to touch upon all those elements that comprise effective communication as well as possible ways of its achievement. The major aspect regarding the issue in question is the ability to be a great listener. You need to focus completely on the person who is talking to you and to show that you are listening carefully. What is more, try not to interrupt. In case you have something to … Continue reading “Effective communication”

Body language

  Body language is one of the most important means of communication due to the fact that we get a lot of signals based on people’s facial expressions as well as other non-verbal signals. Even though it may seem like we get all the information we need from what people have to say, it is not quite so. The bigger amount of information we get is transmitted with the help of non-verbal signals. That is the reason why sometimes we may understand what the person is trying to say even when they are not saying anything. Apart from that, we … Continue reading “Body language”