UChicago Essay Prompts

The University of Chicago has been offering progressive education since 1890. For this reason, its students usually deal with tons of challenging assignments on a daily basis. Becoming a student at the University of Chicago requires a person to demonstrate how studying at this educational institution is going to benefit you in future. When you are working on the task of writing a UC admission essay, keep in mind that you need to impress the committee. Therefore, your essay needs to be unique. Your main goal is to reveal something new about yourself. Make sure your admission essay is personal. This is the best way to convince the admission committee that you are an interesting candidate.

UC Essay Questions

Essay questions at University of Chicago are quite often rather provocative. The aim of the educational institution is to give applicants an opportunity to express themselves and their ambitions. If you are looking for useful UC essay tips, the most important thing to remember is that you need to submit an original and unconventional application essay. In regards to UC essay word limit, the university suggests that you aim for 650 words. The admission committee will not stop reading the essay when the word limit is reached. However, you should still try to submit a clear and concise piece of writing.

UC Essay Examples

Taking a look at a properly written essay sample will definitely help you figure out how to write and structure your own application essay. Here are a few examples of the essay questions that you might get at the University of Chicago:

Essay Question 1

How will studying at the University of Chicago satisfying your learning desires? What are your main academic aspirations? How can getting a degree from the University of Chicago help you with that?

Essay Question 2

Choose your own provoking question or issue and provide a detailed answer to it in the most creative way possible. Be as original as possible.

Essay Question 3

It is possible to compare apples and oranges? If so, what are the main ways to do it? Make sure you include possible variants using your knowledge in the fields of physics, geography, chemistry, philosophy, statistics and linguistics. Try to view this topic from a different angle.

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