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Excessive work and its business consequences essay sample

Excessive work and its business consequences essay sample

Workaholism is no good for the worker’s performance. Even though the working schedule is regulated in most companies, the 21st century met the dramatic increase in the number of people who work after hours. The demand of the workplace is high these days, and employees are often expected to do more with less. The digital revolution offered us more conditions to thrive at work and get more tasks done over the day. But many people still feel that they cannot meet the demand put by the employer. They neglect their personal life to get the job done in order not to be pushed out of it by more efficient workers. On the other hand, many managers and self-employed people do not have a fixed schedule. They need to work more than an average employee to bring the income for the entire enterprise. People of all ranks and departments seem to work more today, and tomorrow shows no sign of relief either.

Whatever the reason behind the workaholism, excessive work gradually makes people unable to perform their duties. Hard workers neglect their family, and it becomes hard to find any support from children or spouses. They do not have any life besides their work that gradually burns them out. No time for hobbies and quality rest means no basis inspiration necessary to wake up and go to work every day. Scarce sleep and food are even more critical as they undermine the physical health of workaholics. In the end, businesses face the community of workers who need a sickness leave or just perform below their previous level. Working long hours can increase the output of business but only for a short while before the worker gets completely exhausted with their routine.

Apart from that, working more and having less time to rest lowers productivity which has its negative impact on the success of a company or business in question. As a result, a company experiences financial losses. For this reason, it is vital for any company to monitor how many hours employees spend at work in order to make sure they get enough rest to come back refreshed and full of ideas the next day.

These days, the tendency to overwork can be spotted in almost every company represented on the market. Businesses want to earn more. They need to attract more clients. That is why, they are doing their best to minimize the costs which quite often results in giving its employees longer work hours. However, it also leads to depression and health problems among the employees. Therefore, a company loses in the long run as there are less and less employees who are able to work under such conditions.

The good news is that some companies are working hard to change this tendency. The policies which they implement in their workplaces include the necessity of having a balance between work life and personal life. This way, employees have more free time which they can spend with their family and friends.