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Technology is making people less creative. Essay sample

We live in the world of fast technology development. That is why, it is not surprising why people start relying on technology more and more often. Obviously, technology makes our lives much simpler. However, everything is not as great as it seems. The thing is that technology may be responsible for making people less creative.

Speaking about this aspect in detail, people no longer tend to find new ways of doing something. In addition, there is no need to as we have lots of devices which can do all that for us.

Yet, there is another aspect which should definitely be taken into account. The thing is that technology can be of great help when someone wants to get more creative. To be more specific, there are lots of tools with the help of which it is much simpler to make something creative. Thus, what it presupposes is that you can get a lot of advantages when you start using the whole potential of various technological devices.

For instance, children and teenagers can benefit from the abundance of applications they use on a daily basis. This way, watching videos on YouTube can motivate a person to learn how to make such videos themselves. According to statistical data, nearly three hundred video hours are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Of course, not all videos are unique or creative. Yet, this number indicates that people are willing to try something new in order to to realize their full potential.

Apart from that, using technology in our everyday life is beneficial as it helps to make our lives easier. One of the most common examples is its role in the process of lifting the bureaucratic and institutional barriers that prevent a lot of people from becoming more creative. In addition, technology has helped to shift the practice in which creative ideas were mostly judged by experts. What we see today is the opportunity to examine the way in which the public reacts to a certain idea. Thus, the number of people who can determine what the creative value or a particular project is has broadened. This is good news because it helps to make products better which means that they will become more and more useful for the target audience of the product in question.