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It is not important to know about what a politician does in his personal life essay sample

  As we look through our usual newspapers and news websites, we instantly come across politicians and everything connected to them. As all recent news from the office has been interpreted from every possible perspective, media people turn to the personal life of politicians. Gossips, speculations, and pictures created with graphical software invade news columns and websites making readers roll their eyes. Is it really so interesting for everybody to read such an utter gossip? Or why should we get into the personal life of politicians in the first place? Voting for politicians and appointing them to run the office,

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Extroverts are better leaders than introverts essay sample

Observing different people and their communication styles, we can conclude that extroverts have excellent interpersonal skills. Open to communication, they create an inviting atmosphere in the team by asking questions and clarifying critical points. The majority of American executives polled by USA Today believe that introverts are inappropriate for leadership as managerial positions require a lot of interaction. But a thorough analysis and listening skills are not less important to produce great results. As marketing gradually changes, some executives expect aggressive and persistent leaders to lose their influence due to smart digital sales systems. At this place, they expect introverts

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Should governments limit foreign imports in order to protect jobs? essay sample

Trade restrictions certainly help governments to support domestic companies from the overwhelming pressure of foreign manufacturers. Despite the existence of the free international trade, every country imposes certain restrictions on imported goods and their quantity thus boosting the domestic economy. The advantages of such protectionist policy are evident: domestic business sector will thrive and continue to expand even if the competition is tough. But protectionism also has its flip side. Under the trade tariffs and quotas, consumers have to choose from a narrow range of products that are equally expensive. Therefore, consumers artificially support businesses that would turn bankrupt under

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