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A Comprehensive Strategic Analysis of Tesla Motors Inc., 2017 essay sample


One of the biggest strategic goals of Tesla Motors is to continue creating and developing alternative energy vehicles. The company’s target audience are those people who like to drive, but also care about the environment.

Tesla Motors has set a number goals in the year of 2017. Some of them include becoming a leader in the area of electric vehicle manufacturing, fostering sustainability and social responsibility as well as achieving profit and sales growth. Obviously, one the long-term goals of the company is to expand their product into the international market. The biggest problem regarding the latter is that all operational procedures are based in Palo Alto, California which is the where the company’s headquarters is located. Yet, Tesla is aimed at opening stores in multiple locations all over the world so that to be able to present the product they are offering to their potential consumers in physical stores. What is more, the company will also manage to increase the knowledge which their customers currently have about electric vehicles. Tesla understands that there is a high demand for electric vehicles these days which is the reason why the company is trying to come up with new ways to attract customers. For instance, the company has introduced a cheaper version of the car in order to appeal to a bigger amount of people.

Taking everything into consideration, one of the biggest goals of Tesla Motors is to find new ways to popularize their product and to enter the international market. In order to do that, the company is currently implementing a few fresh ideas in order to attract more and more customers all over the world.