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Affirmative Action essay sample


When dealing with the issue under consideration, the first thing you need to do is to learn more about Affirmative Action. So, what the notion Affirmative Action stands for is as follows: when an organization or an institution engages actively in order to improve the opportunities for the historically excluded groups of the American society, such policies are called Affirmative Action. Education and employment are usually those fields on which the Affirmative Action policies focus. To be more specific, when we talk about Affirmative Action we also include such categories as women and minorities. What is more, women have felt discrimination in the educational and business spheres.

Obviously, this subject is considered to be quite controversial and here is the reason why. The thing is that racial quotas have been adopted in various colleges in accordance with Affirmative Action policies. It is quite often viewed as reverse discrimination. Apart from that, there is another option to take into consideration. A lot of people believe that Affirmative Action is no longer required due to the fact that American society is really diverse these days. In order to read more regarding that issue, feel free to go to …