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Analysis of Lego business strategy essay sample


One of the reasons why Lego business strategy is so fascinating is that this toy brand has managed to
reinvent itself completely. In such a way, they company has shown their loyal customers that they can
change as well as has found a way to attract new consumers.
In the process of conducting SWOT analysis of Lego, the following strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
and threats have been found. To begin with, the company has an impressive product portfolio and many
years of experience on the market. Besides, Lego is an iconic brand which everyone is able to
differentiate. So, these are the strengths of the company. Speaking about weaknesses, they include the fact
that competitors can potentially copy the product style of Lego, the absence of any kind of product
variations as well as the size.
Lego is a huge company that has been on the market for years but there is still room for improvement
meaning that there are various opportunities which the company can pursue. To specify, such
opportunities include NEM in terms of the Asian market as well as a more complex system of logistics.
Obviously, Lego also faces some potential threats. One of the biggest challenges for the company is to be
able to keep their competitive advantage as there are many similar alternatives that come at a cheaper
price. Another threat to mention is the constant change of trends which motivates the management team
to think a few steps ahead.
All in all, Lego has managed to totally modify their business strategy in order to stay at the top of the
market. The company continues to provide its customers with high-quality products that have a very
distinctive design.