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Anti-depressants essay sample


You are obviously aware of the fact that anti-depressants are the most common way of treating depression. What is necessary to highlight is that taking medication is merely one of the available options for a person. To be more specific, there are other alternatives and there is a very high chance that they might be more effective.

The main problem of medication for the majority of people is that anti-depressants create the so-called ‘false happiness’. In other words, the effect of feeling happy or feeling all right ends when the person stops taking medication.

What one should also take into account is that there are several side effects of anti-depressants. They are not numerous but they still exist. Thus, the person may feel sleepy or weak, especially in the first few weeks of taking anti-depressants. Obviously, it is of great importance to discuss potential side effects with your doctor so that to be aware of the possible outcome. Even though the beneficial effect of anti-depressants tends to become lower, a lot depends on a particular person and the type of depression they have. If you want to take a closer look at this issue, do not forget to proceed to …