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Attention Deficit Disorder essay sample

In order to fully understand what an Attention Deficit Disorder is, you are supposed to familiarize yourself with its symptoms. The first one is the difficulty to pay attention to details. The person who is suffering from this disorder is more likely to make silly mistakes at school or college. They are always careless. As a result, work which they produce turns out to be rather messy.

Apart from that, people who have ADD tend to get distracted easily. In such a way, they quite often interrupt their ongoing tasks in order to pay attention to something else. In most cases it is something rather irrelevant. What is more, it usually has nothing to do with their ongoing task. What is all boils down to is that the person is unable to concentrate on tasks. Thus, such person is more likely to miss their deadline as well. Procrastination is also one of the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. Do not hesitate to read more on the subject in question by going to …