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Bipolar disorder essay sample

Bipolar disorder

The first thing you need to remember about bipolar disorder is that it causes mood swings and those swings include emotional lows and highs. To be more specific, emotional lows are quite often referred to as depression while emotional highs are viewed as hypomania.

As you have probably understood, the person is very sad and hopeless during the time of these emotional lows. They lose interest in all those activities which they usually enjoy doing. Quite often they do not even want to leave the house. Speaking about the period of emotional highs, people are usually extremely active. They are willing to do lots of things. What is surprising is that such behavior has never been typical for them. Bipolar disorder is usually a long-term condition. Yet, it is possible to manage in case the person remains in constant contact with their doctor as well as takes all necessary medication. There should be a treatment plan and the person should adhere to it. In order to take a look at detailed information which will include all necessary facts and statistic data, do not hesitate to proceed to …