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Borderline personality disorders essay sample

What is a borderline personality disorder? That is the first question to find the answer to as soon as you start researching the issue under consideration.

Thus, you will find out that borderline personality disorder is a condition when a person finds it difficult to regulate their emotions. Speaking about symptoms of borderline personality disorder, there are lots of them. Among the most obvious ones are the following.

People who suffer from borderline personality disorder tend to avoid their friends and family quite often. Their relationships with people are unstable and constantly changing. Their mood is affected by unstable self-image. What is more, behavior of such people may be rather impulsive. To be more specific, it is possible for people who suffer from borderline personality disorder to show symptoms of self-harming and suicidal behavior. They tend to experience the feeling of boredom or emptiness quite often.

In order to familiarize yourself with other symptoms of borderline personality disorder as well as come across some other important information, do not hesitate to proceed to …