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Campus crime essay sample


The issue of campus crime is at the forefront these days which is the reason why a lot of people are talking about it. Perhaps, this problem has existed for a very long time but the thing is that we had absolutely no idea.

What is necessary to highlight regarding the subject in question is as follows: ways of possible protection against campus crime have been discussed in the recent period. The first option is to teach self-defense on campus. In such a way, girls will be able to protect themselves. There is another variant which is more serious. The idea is to be able to carry weapons on college campus. Even though the aim of that is clear, carrying an actual weapon may cause a lot of problems apart from the fact that this issue will raise a lot of questions.

In case you are interested in the subject under consideration and want to read more regarding campus crime as well as look through some statistic data, do not hesitate to proceed to …