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Capital punishment essay sample


You are definitely aware of the fact that capital punishment is a very controversial issue which is why there are those people who are for it and those who are against. Perhaps, this approach is going to be the most suitable when the task is to define whether it is a benefit or a drawback.

To begin with, the aspect of morality should be taken into account as we have no right to terminate someone else’s life. The best option is to make that person serve time for the crime which they have committed. Another aspect to take into consideration is the fact that the jury as well as the judge can  make a mistake when convicting someone. As a result, an innocent person may die. Here is another idea to highlight: the thing is that death may actually be a lighter punishment for a person rather than time in prison. The thing is that in such a way the person will not have to live with guilt regarding what they have done. Anyway, familiarize yourself with other pros and cons at …