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Community psychology essay sample


To begin with, the notion of community psychology presupposes that the way in which individuals relate to society is studied within this field. Thus, it is obvious that a lot of factors should be taken into consideration when the subject in question is community psychology. To be more specific, politics, economy, environmental and social aspects should be taken into account.

Speaking about areas in which the findings of community psychology can be used in a practical way, the first one to mention is the current situation with the minority groups. Thus, it will be easier to understand social issues of minority groups. What is more, community psychology may help to find better solutions for the disadvantaged as they do not always have enough support from the government. Apart from that, findings in the field of community psychology may help to understand the reasons why diversity is important. Furthermore, community psychologists may also offer a few solutions regarding the ways in which people can show that they appreciate the diversity. A lot of other relevant information regarding the issue in question is available here …