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Companies shouldn’t block social networks in the offices essay sample

Companies shouldn't block social networks in the offices

You are clearly familiar with the practice when social networks are blocked in the office. In such a way, employees cannot use facebook or any other social networking sites. It is done so that to reduce procrastination as a lot of employees tend to waste a lot of time in social networks. Thus, they stop working.

However, such blocking actually means that the employer wants to control every single minute of an employee’s life at work which is a wrong strategy to choose. Here are a few reasons why. To begin with, such blocking limits the freedom of employees. In addition, it worsens the relationship between the employer and their employees. What is more, it also worsens the general atmosphere in the office.

What should also be mentioned regarding the topic under consideration is that doing something else during working time can actually boost productivity. The thing is that employees have the opportunity to take their mind off work when they use social networks. As a result, it might help them come up with a completely unconventional idea. Familiarize yourself with additional information on this subject by going to …