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Competitive intelligence essay sample


To put simply, competitive intelligence presupposes that a particular company is trying to understand what is going in their field outside their own company. Thus, they gather information about other businesses as well as analyze it. As soon as they are through with that, they make a decision based on their findings. In such a way, it is easier for the company to choose the necessary course of action. What is more, such process is also very efficient as well.

What is important to understand regarding the issue in question is that competitive intelligence has nothing to do with spying. This practice presupposes that a tactical and strategic research will be conducted. In addition, there is no universal formula for competitive intelligence. A lot depends on a particular case which is under consideration. In such a way, it is necessary to mention that various forms are going to be used. Competitive intelligence requires teamwork. Qualitative and quantitative analysis are both applied in order to gather and analyze data. More information on the subject under consideration is available at …