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Concept of self essay sample


You have probably understood from the name of the term that the concept of self is the way in which we see ourselves. The most significant thing to remember in this respect is that self-concept is influenced greatly by the most important people in our lives.

Yet, it is necessary to mention that self-concept is changeable from worse to better and vice versa. There are different theories regarding the concept of self. The most common one presupposes that self-concept comprises two parts: personal identity and social identity. Personal identity is the set of those qualities and traits which make each of us unique. Social identity comprises such elements as community, college, religion and a lot of other groups.

Another theory to take into consideration is that our self-concept consists of several elements: self-image, self-esteem and ideal self. Self-image is the way you see yourself. Self-esteem is all about the way in which you value yourself. Ideal self is the idea of a person you are willing to be. Surely, there are other important theories regarding the subject in question. If you are willing to read more on that, go to …