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Corporate culture essay sample


What do we understand by the notion of corporate culture? Undoubtedly, the best way to find out more about this issue is to dwell upon the elements of corporate culture in detail. What is more, looking through examples of companies that have a developed corporate culture is going to be of great help as well.

To put it simply, corporate culture presupposes that a company has a set of values, beliefs, rituals and symbols that have developed over time and continue to do so. Corporate culture is usually reflected in the way this company handles their work. What is more, it is most definitely reflected in the way employees dress to work, the way in which their office is decorated, the benefits which employees have, their business hours and a lot of other aspects.

For example, let’s take Google. It is a company which is known for its employee-friendly approach. What is more, their offices are designed and decorated in a way which makes it even more pleasant to stay at the office. There are lots of break rooms, kitchens are full with snacks, it is possible to relax on a comfortable sofa, some offices even have their own gyms. That is what corporate culture is like. Learn more at …