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Customer’s feedback is the key to improvement essay sample

Customer's feedback is the key to improvement

A lot of people are convinced that no one reads customers’ reviews even though lots of companies and restaurants ask their customers to leave them. Well, the thing is that that the review of a customer is one of the best ways to understand what areas need improvement as well as how to get better. What is more, customers leave their reviews voluntarily which presupposes that the company has a great resource of ideas. Yet, it should be highlighted that it is important for a company to find an innovative way to engage the customer in the process of leaving a review.

For instance, customers are willing to leave reviews when they get exceptional service at cafes, hotels and restaurants. Speaking about companies, one of the most popular ways is to send an email but it is important to come up with a unique and unconventional approach. In such a way, the customer is going to pay more attention to it and the chances for getting a review for the company will increase.