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Cyber crime essay sample


Due to the fact that the amount of people who use the internet these days is getting bigger, cyber crime is developing as well. Unfortunately, more and more people become victims of cyber crime nowadays.

One of the most common types of cyber crime is hacking. Hackers get access to personal or sensitive information on one’s computer in order to use it for the purpose of spreading some virus or sending DDoS attacks. Another type of cyber crime is theft. Basically, it is the violation of copyright laws in order to download music, books, films or software illegally. There is also identity theft when sensitive and personal information of some particular person is stolen. Credit card theft presupposes that fraudsters get access to your bank account and either steal money from it or use this money in order to purchase things they need.

What is important to mention in this respect is that catching hackers is really difficult due to the fact that they always update their methods. In order to read more on the subject in question, proceed to …