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Cybercrime essay sample


By now you have already realized that cybercrime presupposes the following: the crime is committed by a hacker who either gets access to your personal/sensitive information or steals your identity completely. The latter presupposes that your ID, personal information and credit card information is likely to be stolen. To be more specific, the most common types of cybercrime include hacking, identity theft, piracy, credit card fraud, advance fee fraud, transaction fraud and some others.

This issue is at the forefront these days which is the reason why everyone has probably heard about it. What is more, it is rather difficult to track a hacker as they are usually really smart. In addition, they also tend to use different techniques all the time which makes them almost impossible to catch.  If you are working on the issue under consideration, you will definitely come across a lot of information on the internet. Keep in mind that you will need to provide some examples as well. Familiarize yourself with everything you may require here …