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Dating violence essay sample


Dating violence is that kind of issue which is not discussed widely, especially by its victims. Well, the reason why that happens is obvious: women and men are ashamed.

Apart from that, it is important to be serious about dating violence as those people who tend to act in such a way are usually the ones who abuse their partners later on. Perhaps, it is impossible to notice signs of abusive behavior when you have just started going out. The thing is that those partners who tend to show violence in their relationships do not express it right away. They usually wait until they sure that everything is serious.

As soon as that happens, such partners tend to be very controlling which means that they may not allow you to spend time with your friends or prevent you from going out with your friends. They want to feel powerful and the only way in which they can get that power is to control the relationship completely. Feel free to find out more about dating violence by going to …