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Decision making essay sample

Decision making

Well, you are obviously aware of the fact that it is never easy to make decisions, especially when a lot is at stake. However, making decisions is an inevitable part of our lives whether we like it or not.

Two most common ways in which people make decisions are intuition and reason. When people decide to make intuitive decisions, it presupposes that they are going to rely on the so-called ‘feeling’ which tells them whether to do something or not to do. When decisions are based on reason, it means that the person is going to conduct some research, analyze all pros and cons and then come up with the most suitable solution.

If you are interested in such issue as effective decision making, you should familiarize yourself with those factors which might prevent you from making an effective decision. They are as follows: the lack of necessary information, the abundance of information, emotional attachment, lack of emotional attachment or the huge amount of people involved. Feel free to take a look at additional materials regarding the topic of decision making as soon as you go to …