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Effective time management for big and small teams essay sample

Effective time management for big and small teams essay sample

Every manager wants their team to work as efficiently as possible. In theory, a number of people who collaborate shall produce an impressive revenue in the end, but a perfect image often does not survive the collision with the reality. Day to day, team members underperform as they still multitask or get distracted with secondary matters. But a lack of time is not always the reason behind the poor efficiency. Some workers cannot be effective while relying on their colleagues, while the others may seek help and cooperation. Therefore, the first rule of effective time management is to discover why the person fails to perform regularly.

We can hardly expand a working day to get more tasks done, but we may try to save more of our working time to perform better. For those who work in a comfortable and friendly environment, procrastination is always a threat. It comes as workers interrupt on secondary activities like checking e-mails or social media. Overcoming procrastination takes a person’s own self-discipline

Multitasking is another killer of our working time, nevertheless, many employers take it as a virtue. Still, surveys have shown that a person who copes with multiple tasks needs more time to complete them without compromising the quality of their performance. Therefore, managers shall arrange their teams in such a way that workers do not need to switch between the multiple tasks.

Increasing productivity is the task for both managers and team members. Creating favorable working conditions is essential but not enough for showing the best performance. Self-discipline is the second part of the success that makes people stick to their schedules and stay concentrated.