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Everyone should use bicycles for short journeys essay sample

Everyone should use bicycles for short journeys

Bicycle is a great invention as it is not only practical, but also eco-friendly. Apart from that, you can use it for rides to work as well as to go riding in the park on weekends. There are lots of reasons why it is logical to use bicycles, especially for short journeys.

To begin with, you will be much healthier when you start riding a bike. In addition, you will not have to depend on the timetables of public transport or possible delays. You can easily calculate the time and get to the place right when you need to be there. What is more, you will also be able to save a lot of money as there is no need to buy tickets. Caring shopping bags from the supermarket is simpler as well as you can easily put it in the bicycle basket and ride home. Perhaps, the last aspect to mention regarding this issue is that it is simply very cool to ride a bicycle and you do a good thing by protecting the environment. Feel free to find out more here …