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Habitat destruction essay sample

Habitat destruction

As you have already understood, habitat destruction presupposes that it is impossible for wildlife to survive there. As a result, it poses huge threats for the future of the whole planet. There are three main reasons why habitat destruction occurs. To begin with, it is important to mention the fact that deforestation has a huge impact on habitat destruction as forests is the home of lots of animals.

In addition, habitat fragmentation is also an issue to be concerned about. To be more specific, a lot of land has been cut up into fragments so that to build roads or do other development works. The problem is that such fragmentation has a negative influence on habitat. Another relevant aspect to mention is habitat degradation. What it means is that such factors as pollution, ecosystem disruption processes and invasive species have its impact on the destruction of wildlife as well. In order to take a look at detailed information regarding each of these factors as well as familiarize yourself with other important examples, feel free to proceed to…