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How can nurses help people who are suffering from an age-related illness? essay sample

How can nurses help people who are suffering from an age-related illness? essay sample

Nurses are the first to respond to the needs of the elderly. While doctors can help an active generation a lot, aged people practically depend on nurses. They can be medical or social workers as well as family members. Age-related diseases often make a person disabled, which means that caregivers shall always be there. Qualified nurses provide a range of medical services that older patients need to be regularly conducted.

First, nurses assess the patient’s mental health. About 15 percent of adults above 60 suffer from a mental disorder and defining emotional well-being of older adults is crucial. Nurses may detect early mental changes in aged people and offer a more profound examination at the therapist. Nurses also comment on the long-term support of patients according to their diagnosis.

Among other things, nurses explore patient’s chronic illnesses. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease come for all ages today, but older adults are especially vulnerable to cancer or stroke. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, nurses may offer hospitalization or a detailed plan for a home care.

Whatever the health concerns of the elderly were, it is most important for nurses to discuss them with the patient. People feel much more confident when they have some cure for every trouble and suppose that they can control their physical health. Nurses often educate elderly people about self-care if there is no caregiver around.

Tasks of nurses also include providing medication to the patient. Many older adults cannot go and buy their drugs themselves so that the healthcare provider makes sure that medications are delivered in any other way. And most importantly, nurses instruct the elderly how to respond in case of emergency. They provide contacts of the closest hospital so that people could get help as soon as possible.