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How can team sports affect social abilities? essay sample

How can team sports affect social abilities? essay sample

Team sports get a lot of attention lately as parents are especially anxious about social skills of their children. Leadership, competition, and the ability to get on well with others are a basis for a future success of teenagers. An advent of social media made everything to prevent live communication in groups of teens. Therefore, parents started to pay more attention to socialization besides academic performance.

Team sports allow to train one’s interpersonal skills and exercise at the same time, which makes them so appealing. Letting children play basketball, rugby, or even soccer, parents feel more confident themselves as they hope that sports are always for the better. Indeed, children frequently learn how to overcome their fears and make the first steps in communication through sports.

Interestingly, children benefit from group activities if they perform approximately on the equal level with their peers. It is a common situation that players who lag behind easily lose their motivation and become outcasts. Regaining confidence is a long and difficult process so that parents shall not push children into sports against their will. On the other hand, fast learners easily become leaders and improve their self-esteem.

Being a part of a team sport, children learn a lot about their society and how it functions. Naturally, all players in the team are unique, and one shall find the way to cooperate with each of them. Over the time, players learn more about response and behavior of their peers and avoid major communication failures. To understand the team, one should live in this society. It usually requires more than chatting on social media.