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How close did we get to the Artificial Intelligence? essay sample

How close did we get to the Artificial Intelligence? essay sample

Having observed a gigantic leap in technology development over the last 20 years, we expect smart robots and household devices to come in the next few years. Top digital companies promise us to complete the development of Artificial Intelligence by 2030. But despite the steady progress in robotics and the development of self-driven vehicles, we are still far from robots being in charge. Human intelligence seems too complex and advanced for scientists to copy it, at least at the current stage.

Developers suppose we still have centuries to come to the AI as bright as human intelligence. In the first place, because we are far from understanding human intelligence. Neuroscientists still hesitate about how to define the intelligence most precisely, and we cannot assume that developers will create something to figure it out for us.

Creating AI requires making some model of the human brain that works exactly the same way. The human brain contains about 100 billion neurons linked with one trillion connections that make us think and act the way we do. Mechanically creating something that reminds human brain is impossible today. We can still create AI without modeling human brain, but then it will not be as smart and capable to learn as an average human.

All of us got scared and excited about the idea of creating human-like smart devices. Science fiction and current progress of developers indicate that we are about to grasp the thread that would lead us to AI. But obviously, we still have to do a massive research to understand the intelligence a bit better.