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How do tv shows impose fake moral standards? essay sample



Unlike the sitcoms of the 1990s, the present-day reality TV faces all sorts of criticism. Indeed, TV shows are not built around family values any more highlighting rivalry and diseases of the society. The morality of TV is so much lower these days perhaps because the morality of a mass viewer has dropped. But it is not only reality TV that has gone the wrong way. Popular TV shows like House of Cards, Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad typically concentrate on crime, violence, and tortures. Family values do not appeal a mass viewer anymore, and producers do draw their attention with a blatant and scandalous content.


Despite all of us watch popular TV shows, every now and then we have a feeling that something is wrong on the screen. Too much violence and scandals make us uncomfortable watching an ultra-creative series with a twisted plot. Protagonists commit murders, kidnapping, or blackmail making viewers question the intentions of the screenwriters. Nothing is black and white on the present-day TV. No protagonists or antagonists as all characters have suddenly turned dark-gray. On the one hand, it underlines the dubious reality of people and their decisions. On the other hand, the behavior of characters discourages the slightest hint of morality that might come through the plot.