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How has sport evolved with technological advances? essay sample

How has sport evolved with technological advances? essay sample

Some spheres of society changed tremendously due to the impact of technology, among them business, retail, and most industries. Nevertheless, the technological influence on sports and education remains somehow concealed. Classrooms in public schools still lack digital devices, and performance in sports depends more on athletes and their mastery than on the equipment they use. However, technology certainly made sports safer, more available and popular than they used to be.

To start with the most important part for athletes, new materials offer a better protection to players. Helmets became more lightweight and strong to eliminate injuries during the game. Football and rugby are considered to be highly traumatic, and many parents refused from enrolling their kids into school teams for this reason. But these sports are also highly profitable, and protection equipment evolves very fast.

The well-being of players is critical, just like the satisfaction of their fans. With the evolution of social media, we entered the area of total sports coverage. Live streaming and full-replay allowed us never to miss an expected game. Years ago, missing a show was a tragedy to a fan, but today we are not tied to their TV sets anymore. We just open an app or website on the cell phone to catch up with the streaming or watch recaps.

Technological evolution also changed the way we buy tickets for a game. Queuing is the thing of the past for everyone. Today we prefer to go online and buy all the tickets we need straight after they are available for sale. Online platforms also allow buying cheapest tickets last minute, which brings more people to stadiums.