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How is the job of frontline health workers like pharmacists, nurses and doctors going to change? Essay sample



Frontline health workers are an essential segment of health care systems in the US and abroad. These are doctors, nurses, midwives and many others who serve in community clinics where people need them most. They provide first aid as well as essential immunization. Today,  frontline health workers face challenges common to everyone in health care. The increase of chronic diseases and population aging put a greater pressure on doctors every day. By 2025, the healthcare industry in the US will lack estimated 130,000 physicians and 260,000 nurses. About a half of them are frontline health workers.


To address the shortage of the workforce in healthcare, organizations are planning a transition to a team-based model. It requires close interaction between healthcare workers, adoption of new technologies, and higher investment in the US healthcare workforce. Under the team-based care model, doctors do not treat patients alone. They will cooperate with nurses and pharmacists to provide health services. There will be no misunderstanding between patients and pharmacists as they will be on a team with doctors. A team-based model is an effective option for the patients, but it may exacerbate the shortage of health workers even more.