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How to deal with social anxiety? essay sample

How to deal with social anxiety? essay sample

Living with social anxiety is not only an awkward but strongly distressing experience. Humans are social beings, and even websites and networks will not save us from getting trapped in social situations every now and then. For the majority of people, it is normal to feel shy every now and then, but for some of us, shyness grows into a complete inability to work, eat, breathe, or make a small talk in social situations. Social anxiety is impossible to ignore so that people need to find the way out as soon as possible.

Any phobia or anxiety disturbs our breathing right away. To regain control over our heartbeat and get rid of dizziness, we can practice a simple exercise that stops breathing. Try timing your breaths for one minute; use your nose and lower stomach to let the muscles relax while breathing.

As soon as we mastered breathing and lowered heartbeat, it is time to change our anxious way of thinking. Being afraid of how others judge us, we presume that we can read their minds. In fact, we cannot be sure about what our interlocutor thinks while we are speaking. Most likely, they have their own problems and rewind them in their head pretending they listen to us. We often think that actions of others are the reaction to what we say or do, but other people tend to concentrate on themselves just like we concentrate on our anxiety.

A change of thinking is tough but quite possible. It often takes a close person to convince people that what they think may be far from the truth. But beating social anxiety also takes a lot of practice. Participating in social situations more frequently, we will see that other people may be nice and pleasant to hang around with.