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Human rights. Essay sample


What are human rights? This is the most important question to answer when you start working on such subject. All people have the same human rights no matter what nationality or ethnicity they are, what their skin color is, what their sexual orientation is or what religion they belong to.

Human rights are usually guaranteed by law. It may be international law, some particular laws of a specific country, general principles or in the form of treaties.

The problem is that not people are able to exercise their laws due to the fact that some of them live under totalitarian regimes or in those countries in which there are a lot of strict rules. The situation is even worse for women in certain countries in Asia in which they do not have any laws at all. They are supposed to act as they are told to. The opinion of women is usually not taken into consideration. In case you need to take a look at a proper research regarding the issue of human rights, you will certainly find a lot of useful materials here …