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Human trafficking essay sample


The scope of such problem as human trafficking is immense. The problem is that we do not know much about this problem. Thus, it seems like it does not exist.

As soon as you come across some report which will include a lot of statistic data, you will realize how serious the issue is. This problem is quite topical for countries in Africa as well as for some countries in Asia. One of the most common reasons why human trafficking exists is to have access to organs. To be more specific, humans serve are as organ donors. Yet, this procedure is illegal. Another reason is to be able to get ransom which presupposes that wealthy people or their children are usually held hostages.

Apart from that, it is also important to highlight the fact that young girls are involved in human trafficking as well. They may become wives of some rich old men which obviously happens against the will of those girls. Children are quite often used in military conflicts as well and the consequences are severe. In order to find out more, feel free to visit …