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Hurricane Katrina (2005): What caused the flooding in New Orleans to be so severe? essay sample



Hurricane Katrina became one of the most hazardous storms that have ever reached the Gulf Coast. The Category 5 winds destroyed levees along the major lakes and the Mississippi River. The flood crashed about 80% of New Orleans, once the wealthiest city in the US. Only within 5 years, 80% of the evacuated city residents came back, but New Orleans’ historic property lost in the storm cannot be restored.


The tropical storm that reached the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005, had formed a week earlier over the Bahamas. The reports about evacuation have come by August 28. Of all the Gulf Coast, New Orleans was at particular risk. The city lies 6 feet below sea level, and it is entirely surrounded by water. The levees constructed along the Mississippi River were generally considered strong, unlike those around local lakes. Officials anticipated that flooding might overrun the levees, but no one thought of a complete collapse. On August, 29, rooftops were the only safe place in the lowest areas of New Orleans. Many people appeared better prepared for the storm than officials. The coast guards rescued more than 30,000 city residents.