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Impact of bullying essay sample


Obviously, the biggest impact of bullying is on its victims. Here are all those negative consequences which those people who are bullied will most likely face. To begin with, those students who are bullied do not like school and tend to skip it.

What is more, they tend to suffer from anxiety, loneliness, depression and the feeling of isolation. Apart from that, continuous bullying may result in substance abuse to say nothing of low self-esteem.

What is interesting to know is that bullying also has its impact on bullies themselves. For example, these people tend to have problems with law later on. What is more, they get into fights during their years at school. Sometimes it results in dropping out of school. Surely, the fact that there are lots of bullies in a particular school does not create a favorable impression of a particular educational institution. What it all boils down to is that bullying has impact on everyone involved. In order to familiarize yourself with details regarding the issue in question, do not hesitate to take a look at all available information here …