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Indigo children essay sample


Perhaps, the most effective way to explain what the term ‘indigo child’ stands for is to provide several traits which describe such children. In such a way, you will get a clear picture of this notion as well as will be able to recognize whether you have some indigo children around you.

The first trait of an indigo child is that they are strong and independent people. They are likely to do something on their own. What is more, they do not like to comply with parents or any kind of authority. When parents realize that they raise an indigo children, it is important to understand that traditional parenting strategies won’t work. Forcing something is definitely not an option. In case an indigo child is not energetically balanced, it is possible for them to suffer from anxiety or depression. They are usually creative right brain thinkers. Their level of intuition is very high. Surely, indigo children have a lot of potential which should definitely be developed. Familiarize yourself with more at …