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Intelligence depends on environmental factors, not genetic factors essay sample

Intelligence depends on environmental factors, not genetic factors

Having researched the subject under consideration in detail, you are going to find that scientists do not have a unanimous answer regarding the notion of factors on which intelligence depends. Psychologists believe that intelligence of a person is shaped with the help of both genetic and environmental factors.

Speaking about evidence which presupposes that intelligence depends greatly on environmental factors, here are a few aspects to take into consideration. To begin with, school attendance has an impact on the IQ scores of a person. Apart from that, the whole desire to go to school and to study depends on the way in which the child is brought up as well as their circle of friends and acquaintances.

Surely, there are several genetic factors to take into consideration as well. For instance, the child is likely to be very intelligent in case their parents have high IQ. Anyway, you should not forget that you are supposed to support all your findings with evidence. In case you are not sure where to find all necessary resources so that to come up with a proper research, do not hesitate to proceed to …