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Internet and gaming addiction essay sample

Internet and gaming addiction

Well, everything is more or less clear with such issue as gaming addiction. Besides, there is a lot of information available on the internet together with some relevant examples.

Speaking about internet addiction, this notion is relatively new. Basically, it means that the person spends too much time on the internet or cannot live even a few hours without it. The worst part about all that is that the person quite often does not even realize that they have an addiction. To be more specific, they are convinced that they are using the internet as everyone else.

Internet addiction is also quite difficult to beat. The thing is that we are used to check twitter, facebook or instagram right after we wake up. This is also what we do before we go to bed which is the reason why a lot of people are having difficulties sleeping. Perhaps, the most reasonable way to beat the internet addiction is to start phasing it out step by step. What it presupposes is that one should start using less internet during the day and than move on to week or month. Find out more here …