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Is human activity primarily responsible for global climate change? essay sample

Is human activity primarily responsible for global climate change?

Well, you are clearly aware of the fact that the issue of climate change is still topical. The thing is that we fail to solve this problem. The main argument regarding the subject under consideration is that human activity is one of the reasons why we have to deal with this problem right now.

The most common arguments with the help of which it is possible to prove that people are the ones to be responsible for climate change are the following: gases which are released into the atmosphere are produced by human activity; more and more people drive cars which has its impact on climate change; the number of plants and factories increase as well (they produce lots of harmful gases); human-caused global warming is changing weather systems and lots of others.

Speaking about arguments against, one should include such facts as: the climate of the Earth has always warmed and cooled which presupposes that it is a natural process; it is not completely proven that CO2 emissions cause global warming; the cooling and warming of the planet is caused by fluctuations in the sun’s heat and some others. A lot of detailed information together with examples can be found at …