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Is obesity a matter of individual responsibility? essay sample

Is obesity a matter of individual responsibility?

Obesity is a topical issue these days which is the reason why you will definitely come across a lot of information on the subject as soon as you start researching it. Lots of people are convinced that the issue of obesity is the individual responsibility of a person. In other words,  people are responsible for being overweight.

However, it is not always the question of will and desire. A person may be overweight because of physical and genetic factors and they will not get thinner even when they stop consuming food. Apart from that, there is another very important aspect to take into consideration. To be more specific, not everyone has to be thin. What is important is to be able to appreciate one’s body and to learn how to be comfortable in it. In case the person is not as thin as those models on the covers of magazines but they are happy and healthy, this is the way in which they should continue living. Body shaming is an element of the past. It is time to accept that. Read more on the subject under consideration here …