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Is the grading system used in high school effective? essay sample

Is the grading system used in high school effective?

The topic of grading system in high school has become a crucial issue nowadays and it is quite obvious why. The thing is that more and more people are not satisfied with it. The reason for that is because of the fact that current grading system does not represent the real knowledge of a student. Besides, there are lots of issues to take into account. For instance, a child may get really nervous when they are having a standardized test and that is the reason why they fail even when they know the material.

In such a way, it will be beneficial to introduce some other forms of evaluating students’ knowledge. For example, they may be given more assignments like essay writing or doing a case study. Students will be able to show their knowledge on a subject in a unique and original way. Such examples are numerous and you will come across lots of them as soon as you start researching the subject under consideration. Keep in mind that the process of searching for all necessary information might take a lot of time which is why it might be useful to take a look at additional materials on the subject under consideration here …