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Key causes of American Revolution essay sample

American Revolution was the road to the independence of the New World. It was about colonies standing up to their British Parliament that took much control over the 13 of them. As it often happens, money is to blame. After King George lost a great deal of money in the French and Indian War, the Parliament imposed taxes the colonies could not bear. Colonists had not been abused by Britain before those events, and people were not used to paying for things that had been free. Besides, colonists had no representation in the British Parliament. After extra taxes had been imposed on multiple goods, colonies started protests. During one of the protests in Boston, several colonists were killed. After Britain imposed the tax on tea, colonists dumped the tea into the sea in Boston. For this action, the Parliament punished colonists with the Intolerable Acts. The Boston Port was blocked for trade and people in other colonies were scared that similar things may happen to them too. After Britain brought much unrest to the colonies, delegates of 12 states called the First Continental Congress (1774). The colonists sent their Declaration of Rights and Grievances to Britain. Among other things, Massachusetts colony stated that they would not tolerate the further enforcement. In 1775, Britain sent its soldiers to resist colonists in Lexington and Concord. After the British soldiers were pushed back to Boston, representatives of the states called the Second Continental Congress. Trying to find the common language with Britain for the second time, colonists sent the Olive Branch Petition to King George. The King dismissed the devotion colonists put in this document and expressed his radical plans to punish the states for their defiance. The King’s response directly led to states completing the Declaration on Independence that directly brought the parties to the conflict at war.