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Legalization of the abortion pill essay sample

Legalization of the abortion pill

There are lots of reasons why abortion pill and abortion should be legalized. The thing is that a woman should have the right to decide whether to do an abortion or not to do. It is her body and her life which presupposes that it is her decision as well. To be more specific, abortion is the fundamental right of a woman and it should not be determined by the government or the church whether the woman is allowed to do it or not.

What is also necessary to highlight is that fetuses do not feel pain when abortion is performed. Besides, abortions these days are performed in safe and clean conditions and there are no risks for women. What should also be mentioned is that such procedure will not result in any heath problems later on such as infertility or cancer.

There is another aspect to take into consideration. It has been proven that those women who have been denied abortion suffer from mental health issues including depression. Apart from that, a lot of women who were not given the chance to get an abortion became unemployed, on public welfare or even beyond the poverty line. There are lots of aspects to take into consideration. Learn more at …