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Modern slavery essay sample

Modern slavery

Unfortunately, slavery did not end with its abolition in the nineteenth century. Even though it may seem like we live in a developed and civilized world, there are still lots of countries in which slavery is prospering. The problem is that we know nothing about those countries. As a result, we are unaware of the existence of such problem.

The most common examples include the following: women are forced to be prostitutes, children are forced to work on factories, plants and fields, the elderly are also forced to work in unimaginable conditions in sweatshops or doing some kind of domestic work.

In case you are interested in statistic data, there are currently 21 million people in the world who are  in some form of slavery. This number includes men, women and children. The factors which determine that the person is in slavery are as follows: the person is threatened in a physical and mental way which means that they are forced to work; there is the so-called controller who monitors the working process and threatens people in case they refuse; people are treated as property; there are restrictions regarding the physical movement of the person. Feel free to learn more at …