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Negative effects of peer pressure essay sample

Negative effects of peer pressure

You are clearly aware of the fact that peer pressure has lots of negative effects. What is more, it may  have a terrible impact on the way in which a person views relationships. In other words, such person may get disappointed in such notions as friendships and companionship.

Speaking about the negative effects of peer pressure, the first aspect to mention is the fact that such people have low self-esteem which means that they do not really believe in themselves. As a result, they are unable to reach all their goals as well as realize their potential to the fullest.

Apart from that, having low self-esteem makes it harder for a person to make new friends. They are simply afraid that no one wants to be friends with them or that they are not cool enough which is obviously not true. Thus, peer pressure can ruin the way in which the person perceives relationships and life in general. In case you are interested in a more detailed research on the subject under consideration, do not hesitate to proceed to …