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Obsessive-compulsive disorders essay sample

The first thought that pops up in one’s head when they hear about OCD is as follows: perhaps, it has something to do with the obsessive desire to clean their hands or the repetition of the same action for several times. What is necessary to understand is that the desire to clean one’s hands for several times in a row is not always a sign of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. What is more, not all people who have this disorder are so focused on doing some repetitive actions.

Here are a few of those symptoms with the help of which an obsessive-compulsive disorder can be described. To begin with, people who suffer from this disorder tend to have repetitive thoughts about different things. Some of them include the fear of germs, the process of hurting their loved ones, acts of violence and a lot of others. They are unable to control unwanted thoughts or things which they do. Such people may also suffer from panic attacks or anxiety disorders in case they are unable to perform their rituals. More is available at …